SIDPEC Takes Part in the 100 Days of Health Campaign


Amid the commitment of the political leadership to instigate significant improvements in the health, social, and educational dimensions of the lives of the Egyptian populace, alongside bolstering the concept of social justice within the presidential initiatives aimed at enhancing citizens' quality of life and accomplishing sustainable development in its entirety, one of the notable ventures is the healthcare initiatives addressing diverse sections of society. The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has embraced a fresh strategy for corporate social responsibility, striving for sustainability and the harmonization of efforts to uplift the living standards of local communities and the broader Egyptian society. This stands as a core foundation for implementing the Sustainable Development Plan as part of Egypt's Vision 2030. In this context, Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Company is enthusiastic about participating in the 100 Days of Health Campaign, as a component of the Ministry of Health's endeavors. The campaign was held under the patronage of Mr. Engineer / Mohamed Ibrahim, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director. It encompassed early tumor detection, alongside identifying internal illnesses and kidney disorders. Various departments within the company (General Medical Affairs Department, Corporate Social Responsibility Department) collaborated in their respective fields to promote and support employee involvement, giving priority to their well-being. The campaign elicited a substantial response from company employees, driven by their acknowledgment of the government's dedication to its citizens. The company's Corporate Social Responsibility Department invited 500 residents from the neighboring area (Nahda) to participate in the campaign, offering all amenities and hospitality to encourage their engagement in the company's initiative. This mirrors the company's management conviction that contributing to the execution of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources' strategy and the Sustainable Development Plan encompasses social, economic, environmental, and health facets. These efforts have resulted in over a thousand individuals within the company and the surrounding region benefiting from this initiative, expressing heartfelt gratitude to the political leadership, health authorities, and the company's management. Engineer / Mohamed Ibrahim welcomed the notion of participation, praising the government's efforts in advancing citizens' health as a pivotal element of the country's development. At day's end, all beneficiaries conveyed their appreciation to the political leadership, executive bodies (Ministry of Health), leadership of the Ministry of Petroleum, and SIDPEC's leadership, aspiring for the recurrence of such campaigns to serve and safeguard citizens' health within a comprehensive healthcare framework

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