Sidpec's Participation Highlights at EGYPLAST 2024 Exhibition


In line with the strategy and vision of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources to support and develop the petrochemical industry as one of the most vital strategic sectors, Sidpec, a pioneer in the petrochemical industry in Egypt and the Middle East, showcased its prominence at the 19th edition of the EGYPLAST 2024 exhibition. This exhibition was held alongside PLASTEX 2024, emphasizing the interconnectedness of industries within the sector. On Tuesday, January 9, 2024, Eng. Engineer Mohamed Ibrahim, the Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Sidpec, inaugurated the company's distinguished booth (Booth No. 3B05) in Hall 3 at the Egypt International Exhibition and Conference Center in the Fifth Settlement, Cairo. The opening ceremony was attended by notable figures, including Mr. Engineer Ahmed Samir, the Minister of Trade and Industry, and Dr. Yasmin Fouad, the Minister of Environment. Also present was Mr. Engineer Khaled AbouElMakarem, the Chairman of the Export Council for Chemicals and Fertilizers, along with various company executives and staff. Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim welcomed the leaders, discussing the company's achievements in previous years. He also outlined the company's plans and projects for the upcoming period, highlighting the continuous support of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources for the petrochemical industry. During the event, Mr. Ibrahim Meki, the Chairman of the Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company, and leaders from Echem toured Sidpec's booth, commending the company's positive image and praising its sustainable success in the petrochemical sector. Sidpec actively participated by organizing informative lectures on topics relevant to the petrochemical and plastic industries, such as the plastic raw materials market in Egypt, the features of the petrochemical industry, and laboratory tests necessary for determining the quality of raw materials used in plastic manufacturing. Additionally, discussions included the impact of antioxidants on the thermal and mechanical properties of polyethylene raw material, along with opportunities to enhance energy efficiency in the plastic industry. The company's engagement during the exhibition witnessed fruitful interactions with visitors, addressing their inquiries and engaging in discussions across various marketing and technical fields. Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim expressed his gratitude to the company's success partners, including local and international manufacturers and distributors. He acknowledged their continuous and fruitful collaboration, meeting customer demands, marketing company products globally, and strengthening their ability to adapt to local, regional, and global changes.

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