SIDPEC's President Celebrates with Employees the Achievement of the Company's Production Plan Ahead of Schedule


As part of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources' strategy to boost the petrochemical industry, and with continuous monitoring by the Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company to overcome all obstacles and ensure the provision of necessary feedstock,

Eng./Mohamed Ibrahim, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, along with the company's leadership, inspected various sites (Occupational Safety and Health, Ethylene Plant, Utilities Plant, Polyethylene Plant) to monitor workflow, operations, and ensure the implementation of preventive measures to prevent accidents. The focus was on providing safety for employees and adhering to all occupational safety and health requirements to create a secure environment, mitigating risks for both human and material elements.

He greeted and thanked all employees for achieving the targeted 2023 production plan, a goal SIDPEC consistently meets every year by the grace of God Almighty despite challenges and repercussions of the global crisis. This accomplishment is a source of pride and boasts.

During his meeting with employees, Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim encouraged them to submit proposals, suggestions and ideas to enhance and maintain the company's distinguished performance, increase production while reducing operating expenses and inputs, and rationalize energy consumption. He urged them to put in more effort, dedication at work, and loyalty to elevate the status of SIDPEC, emphasizing the company's great attention to human resources.

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