Chairman and CEO Word

I have the pleasure to welcome you to SIDPEC website.  SIDPEC represents a distinct entity in
the Egyptian Petrochemicals’ Industry, producing Polyethylene (high density & linear low density
grades) using Ethylene which is produced by processing of Ethane/Propane.

We believe that the most precious asset is our employees, so we work on providing the best work
environment, the professional training and services for our staff.  Also, we keep strict Safety and
Occupational Health measures, maintain the best quality control system, Energy-saving
considerations as well as effective compliance with Egyptian Environmental Regulations.

Of course, SIDPEC is an efficient constituent in its surrounding community, responds to its needs
and share in the development activities either by providing work opportunities or by supporting
the local governmental organizations.
Furthermore, SIDPEC is proud to take part in the development plan of the Petrochemicals’
Industry and started serious steps to establish a great project to produce Propylene and
Polypropylene, which will increase the add-value of the natural resources in EGYPT as well as
satisfy a considerable section of the local market demand.
SIDPEC continuously works on its role in the National Development, improvement of its services
and the best economic use of its resources in compliance with the national vision of “EGYPT
2030”, which is congruent with our belief in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.  

We aspire to accomplish a comprehensive task in maintaining the environment and the
community surrounding SIDPEC the best way we can to satisfy the current needs without
threatening the future capabilities.

In order to adapt with the continuous changes, we learn how to face challenges, overcome
obstacles and difficulties to build a better future for SIDPEC.

Chairman and CEO 
Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim