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Buy Wholesale Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys. In fact, FIBA and NBA, is required for the Jersey number. The FIBA rules, the number is from 4 to 15. And in the traditional, in general, the size of the number of players is in accordance with the size of the order of the. That is, the higher the size, the greater the number. Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys So the general 14, 15 are the center, 4, 5, 6 are the guards. Still, the team that follows this traditional principle is getting less and less.

In NBA, the number of Jersey is generally less than 55, mainly due to the referee. Because on the basketball court and the referee is with one, two, three fingers extended respectively to represent 1, 2, 3 ball Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys(which is the International Basketball Federation requires no 1, 2, 3).

For today's NBA players, jersey number is not only a sign of the play, he represents the player's personality, is a symbol of the player himself. Especially when an ordinary player to become a star, it has a symbolic, representative number on the fans to become the object of pursuit. Due to the different provisions of the NBA and FIBA,Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys so NBA player number not international basketball competitions as rigid, diversification of the jersey number to basketball games increase the ornamental, also enables us to see a lot of NBA player number fun.